We offer a range of services around our main activity, in partnership with specialists in each of the areas.

  • Programming

    RY Prog et CetimEach set of machine-work piece-clamping has its own dynamic characteristics affecting the cutting process. The use of advanced modelling and simulation tools allow us to optimize machining processes by choosing the appropriate cutting tools and cutting conditions, while reducing the machining time and wear of the tools.

  • Machining strategy

    The machining strategy is a smart approach of the tool path. This feature aims to produce an optimized path of the cutting tool based on your technical and economic constraints.
    The design of the cutting tools is directly related to the machining strategy. This is the reason why we implemented a consulting service of programming optimization. Smart machining is the way in which a system of FAO machine a material "inter-layers".
    This draft method to eliminate the semi-finishing pass machining, and thus save machining time and reduce the wear of the cutting tools.

  • Simulation
  • Multi-axis program Optimisation
  • Cutting Conditions de coupe and cutting tools finder
  • Scan 3D
    3D modeling equipment complements our means of production. This advanced technology allows us to duplicate, modify, or even repair all your mechanical parts... without any drawing!
    Reverse engineering is our specialty for many years. Feel free to send us your projects.
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