We present to you our new product expansions for milling applications.
  • ARNO® FPA-Milling system
    • 16 cutting edges for increase of productivity
    • Negativ basic geometry, thus extremly stable
    • Effective positive cutting edge geometry, therefore soft cut
    • Numbering of cutting edges for exact true running
    • WIPER – geometry for qualitative high-class surface.
      Best results if increasing cutting speed (approximately double vc, small cutting depth, approximately ap 0.7 mm, tooth feed approximately fz 0.25 mm with milling cutter diameter 63 mm)
    • Big metal removal due to close division of the tools
    • Uneven spacing leads to reduced vibration and extremely smooth running
    • Cutting material diversity for optimal cutting results on a wide material range 
  • ARNO® FZA-Milling system
    • Stable tool system through negative geometry basic design therefore process security on roughing
    • 6 cutting edges for increase of productivity on 90° face milling
    • Effective positive chip angle for smooth cut
    • Productivity guaranteed through 6 cutting edges

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