Our values

Our values

Respect for people, solidarity, loyalty and integrity
are the 4 values shared by all AIF employees to serve our ambition:

« To become the French reference for machining solutions ».

Values are the foundation of our corporate culture.
They simplify decision-making and translate into principles of behaviour shared by all.

icon-handshakeRespect FOR PEOPLE

Respect for people is an absolute condition for individual and professional development.
It applies to all and implies respect for pluralism and openness to all origins.
It manifests itself through listening, information, explanation, sharing and dialogue.


Solidarity is based on the spirit of responsibility of each individual in his professional environment to avoid individualistic attitudes and promote the value of teamwork and mutual contributions.
It rejects the modes of operation or management that prioritize personal satisfaction over the interests of the company.


Loyalty is a requirement for the fairness of behaviour in dealing with all stakeholders, including superiors, colleagues, and external partners.
In particular, it prohibits the search for personal ends that would contradict the company's objectives.
It involves respecting internal guidelines and rules.


Integrity requires everyone to strictly respect probity in their professional activity.
It does not accommodate any compromise between the personal interests and the interests that are responsible for its professional activity, both within AIF and with its external partners.