AIF : Machining solutions designer


AIF has acquired since 1958 a rich experience in the field of cutting tools. The interaction of our technical know-how between our design, development and manufacturing departments, allows us to handle in the best way your most complex machining cases of drilling, cutting, recessing, parting, countersinking and forming tools. Equipped with high performance EWAG machines at our sharpening department, we are capable of manufacturing all types of carbide inserts in small, medium or large quantities.

We partner you from the very beginning of your projects in order to achieve your targets in quality and productivity. Our starting point will always be established according to your ideas, your vision of things. Who can understand your application cases better than you? We have highly qualified specialists in designing and manufacturing tool holders and inserts. Our personnel and means of production are: a premium design team, experienced production technicians and a high-tech machine park with a 5-axis machining centre, y-axis lathes, a wire cutting machine and laser marking techniques. 

Together we fulfill your projects!

Machining is a dynamic process in which the cutting tool is at the heart of the numerical control assembly, consisting of the tool-holder, the clamping and the inserts. AIF positions itself as your preferred partner to optimize all your machining applications. Through our global cooperation with our customers, we have learned to master the machining challenges in which optimal cutting conditions are defined, vibrations are reduced and machining strategies are selected.

We master modern milling techniques such as 2D1/ 2, 3D, UGV, 4 or 5 axes positioned and continuous. Coupled with flexible development, we guarantee you a fast execution of your demands at a competitive price. Aluminum, steel, cast iron, stainless steel, titanium, inconel, stellite, non-ferrous, we process all materials and offer our customers the best machining technology. This makes AIF the benchmark in the demanding areas of mechanical engineering, nuclear technology, aviation, rail and petrochemicals.


AIF masters the most modern techniques of milling, turning, grinding, pressing, wire cutting and laser marking. Our knowledge of precise milling techniques: 2D1/ 2, 3D, UGV, 4 or 5 positioned and continuous axes, combined with development flexibility, leads to an efficient reactivity at a competitive price.

The quality of the technology provided to our customers in terms of machining enables us to work with demanding business areas: nuclear, aviation, rail, petrochemical, marine, aerospace, dental or medical. We process all materials, from aluminum and titanium to inconel, including stainless steel or steel. Our equipment and our computer network are based on CAPE software (Computer Aided Production Management) and CAD/ CAM software (Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing). The CFAO service guarantees the programming of simple and complex turned and milled parts with up to five continuous axes. The parts, tools and machines are carefully modeled to simulate and validate the machining in the software. The programs are then generated by post processors.

To ensure the reliability of the measurements, the parts and assemblies are checked in an air-conditioned room. Our services are also able to reverse engineer a part, which means modeling parts that are not defined in the plan.