Precision Engineering

Precision Engineering

«AIF is your expert in Precision Mechanics for over 60 years.»

Today, we are able to manufracture the most diverse parts for your needs. We combine the manufracture of cutting tools with the work of our precision mechnics. Therefore we have the specialist knowledge required to implent the most complex parts of your daily use.

They trust us
The quality of our services is recognized by our customers coming from various industries such as the aerospace, railway, marine, medical, automotive, space, military and nuclear industries. We are able to reach their highest requirements both in the terms of material diversity and limits and fits.

Our organization
Our team of specialist technicians and our scan 3D design department can support and offer you global solutions. For all types of mechanical parts that require high precision, we help you from the design to the completion of your projects. 

Our machine fleet: 5-axis machining center, Y-axis lathes, electrical discharge machining, wire cutting, laser marking, enables the production of individual parts or prototypes as well as small and medium series.

AIF : precision mechanics at your side!